Organic Skin Creams With Progesterone Consist of Hormone Risks

An all natural skin cream can contain just about anything. One of the popular ingredients right now is progesterone. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of progesterone lotions.

Progesterone is manufactured by the human body.
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It could be created in the laboratory using diosgenin, a compound found in yams.

Dietary supplements and creams that are said to include the naturally occurring form of progesterone contain the yam extract. There is no evidence that the human body can convert the get into progesterone. So , the compound is considered ineffective by the mainstream medical community.

The claimed benefit of progesterone creams is to improve the skin’s elasticity. There are no good studies supporting the claim.

Other compounds have been proven effective regarding improving the skin’s elasticity up to 40% within three weeks associated with daily use. A naturally occurring bioactive protein called keratin any such compound.

Keratin is the proteins building block used by the body to make new cells for the epidermis. It is also present in hair and fingernails. In other animals, keratin is found in hooves, horns, fur and wool.

The effectiveness of a keratin-enriched natural skin cream will vary depending on how the protein is extracted and melted. If animal hooves and horns are used, the high temperatures and caustic solvents render the protein non-active.

At least one company has been able to remove the protein from sheep’s wool and process it just enough to soften it without destroying the function. One of its functions is to draw moisture into the skin’s cells. That effectively increases firmness.

In addition to enhanced moisture content, scientific studies have shown that the functional keratin stimulates the production of new cells. A 160% increase in skin cell proliferation has been seen after just a few days of use.

If I needed to choose between a natural skin cream containing progesterone and one containing functional keratin, I would choose the latter. The progesterone creams cost less, but they are not likely to be efficient. So , they are a waste of money. It may only be a small amount of cash to waste, but it is squandered just the same.

Keratin is not the only effective anti-aging compound available. Good analysis supports the use of creams containing coenzyme Q10, wakame kelp extracts, e vitamin, Shea butter and avocado get. By the time you read this, there could be other ingredients to look for in an organic skin cream.

Researchers are focusing more and more on naturally occurring ingredients. Most of the synthetics relied upon in previous decades have proven to be less than safe.

When it comes to hormones, progesterone might not be any safer than estrogen. Research has shown that creams containing estrogen can generate the growth of breast cancer cells.

Progesterone creams may be accompanied by the same risk. The oral tablets are known to cause or contribute to cancer of the breast. Keratin and the other nourishing elements mentioned above will not increase your risk of breast cancer.