7 Steps to Interpreting Dreams

Having dreams and visions that you would like to understand and interpret yourself? Are you tired of depending upon others to help you translate your dreams and symbols? You might have come to the right place.

Although dream interpretation is quite complex, it can be broken down into steps for beginners that are ready to begin taking on the challenge of interpretation their own dreams. I hope that after you read this article, you feel much more confident in taking the necessary steps to knowing your dreams and visions. Be sure you read all steps and begin applying them.
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1 . Record Your Dreams in a Dream Journal
This step is very important because obviously if you don’t remember your dream, you have nothing to interpret or to be interpreted. I keep the dream journal and a pen on my dresser next to my mattress to be prepared to write down my dreams as soon as I wake up. Often , all of us remember our dreams and more information when we wake up and as the day continues and time passes by, particular details begin to fade. Details are very important in dream interpretation, so record your dreams.

2 . Familiarize Yourself with the normal Dream Symbols
There are thousands and maybe even millions of dream symbols, therefore I’m not suggesting that you memorize them all, but definitely become familiar with some of the more common symbols that come up within dreams. For example , House usually symbolizes the person whose home it is, to put it differently if you dream about your house, it is representational of your soul or you, Vehicles tend to be symbolic of ministries; Storms are generally symbolic of spiritual warfare; Traveling is typically symbolic of a person’s capacity to rise above circumstances, depending on who might be flying in the dream and the circumstances; Teeth are symbolic of knowledge that is either missing or getting added; Death is symbolic of something in your life that is leaving or even departing from your life, it could be fleshly desires or bondage etc ….; and Dreams of Birth are often symbolic of new seasons of purpose. I could just on, but I wanted to give you an over-all picture of some of the more common emblems and their meanings. Symbols include colors and numbers, which are also very important, so please don’t ignore these types of symbols.

3. Familiarize yourself with your personal wish language
Although there are specific Biblical dream symbols, which I mentioned above, there is absolutely no specific formula or one image fits all, therefore , it is very important to get familiar with the specific symbols that God uses in your dreams to communicate with you. For example , a dove can be symbolic of the Holy Spirit, yet so is an invisible face, however , one particular lady mentioned that God used little boys in her desires to symbolize the Holy Spirit. God often personalizes his communication with us, so be ready.

4. Create and nurture an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Soul is Our Counselor and Our own Guide, Our Teacher and Our Comforter. I rely heavily on the Wisdom of the Holy Soul when I’m interpreting dreams and am couldn’t imagine doing it without the Ay Spirit. However , before I started relying on the Holy Spirit to assist me interpret dreams, I created a personal relationship with the Holy Nature, where I communicated with the Holy Spirit regarding everyday issues plus concerns in my life. I got to learn the voice and wisdom from the Holy Spirit and became confident with listening and knowing. James one: 5 says “Now if any one of you lacks wisdom, he ought to ask God, who gives generously and without criticizing, and it will be given to him”. Apply this scripture in order to request wisdom when beginning to translate your dreams. Before interpreting any dream ask the Holy Soul for wisdom by saying “Thank you Heavenly Father for your Phrase in James 1: 5, that will says that I can ask for intelligence and you will give it to me generously. I actually ask you and thank you for wisdom for any interpretation of this dream in the Name of Jesus”. Once you have spoken this prayer, have Faith and believe that you have understanding of your dream as James 1: 6 states “But let him ask in Faith without doubting. For the doubter is like the surging sea, driven and tossed by the wind”. In other words, even if you don’t feel like you have the interpretation, believe that the Holy Spirit has revealed the mystery to you.

5. Break down the dream into parts
Due to the fact that dreams are often filled up with symbols and are very complex, it is important to break them down before attempting to interpret them. This is especially true in the beginning. How do you break it down? One category could be the setting- you always want to ask where the dream took place; another category is people- who is in your dream and what is their relationship to you; third is activities- do you know the individuals in your dream doing? What do these activities represent to the dreamer? What symbols are present- objects, colors, numbers, animals, etc …; what feelings or emotions did the dreamer feel during and after the dream etc … They are some examples of ways to break the dream down and simplify elements of it before bringing it all together as a whole.

6. Attend to the big picture and possible themes
After breaking the dream apart, look at the dream and themes as a whole. Now it’s time to put it all together, pray for guidance, and have Faith as you interpret the dream.

7. Make sure the interpretation aligns with God’s Word
Finally, you have come up with an interpretation, that should give you wisdom about yourself or another person or situation. It is the right time to test it to see if it lines up with the Word of God. In other words, if the dream instructs you to do something, it shouldn’t be whatever does not line up with God’s Word. If you are unsure of the interpretation or if it isn’t clicking along with your Spirit, ask for confirmation.