Where to find an Affordable SEO Consultant

Working with an SEO consultant to increase your own site’s visibility can get very expensive rapidly, unless there is a clear strategy layed out at the start, and clear deliverables expected at the conclusion of the project. As with any type of consulting, finding an affordable and talented SEO consultant depends not only upon that consultant’s rates, but on their ability to keep costs in line, and deliver and end product that justifies the size of their fees to start with. Here are some tips on how to find an affordable SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION consultant for your business.

Tip #1: Request multiple quotes. There are many SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION consultants on the web who offer a free consultation, and you should take the opportunity to ask them a number of questions and pin them down on specifics before they even develop an estimate.

Tip #2: Challenge them on benchmarking. A good SEO consultant should have more to offer you than just an SEO strategy for your site. They should be able to explain to you how they will measure success, and how they are going to establish benchmarks at the beginning of a project and that future checkpoints, so that you can see precisely what kind of traffic has come to your site and exactly how that is attributed to the optimization changes that you decide to implement. If your SEO is worth his or her salt, they will help you establish a return-on-investment calculation so that you will have a framework to compare the cost of the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION consulting services (and the producing website development costs) to the increased company you expect to get from increased visitors. There is no reason to make a marketing expense if it won’t have a return, regardless of whether that is an investment in advertising, or even in SEO consulting services. In case you talk to any consultant who will not understand this request and is not thinking about answering it, then look somewhere else.

Tip #3: Ask for a Market Sizing Estimate. Let’s say an SEO specialist is going to advise you on how to optimize your internet site for 5 particular keywords. Selecting those keywords should be part of the SEO research process, so you may not understand what they are, but the consultant should be able to give you an example of what types of keywords you can compete for in your industry, and the quantity of traffic that goes along with all of them. This knowledge should enable these to do a “sizing” exercise, estimating for you personally not only the amount of traffic that a position for the keywords will bring, but also a good estimate of the business value of that traffic. What is it worth to you to have 1000 more people per day reach your site?
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You can collaborate with the consultant on this question, but they should not avoid this question if they are serious experts pitching for your business.