Amalgamation Of Ancient And Modern Techniques Into Traction Peni

Nobody knows exactly since when have men been searching for a way to make their nature-given penises bigger but one sure thing is that it dates back centuries.

The size of a man’s manhood in many societies is believed to be a symbol of absolute masculinity and men endowed with a bigger male organ is highly placed and admired especially among the female members of such communities.

Even today the general belief is that men with bigger members are better lovers who have the “right tools” to satisfy any woman in bed. This belief is further supported by various surveys where women explicitly state that they enjoy sex better if they have intercourse with endowed men.

All the above mentioned reasons and many others have prompted men to begin to look for methods which might help them to increase both the length as well as the circumference of their penises.

Before I go into how old methods have been incorporated into modern technology I will like to say a few things about the most popular traditional approaches.

The Jelq Method
This may be the earliest recorded history of penis enlargement. It is claimed that its origin dates back to ancient Arabic period. This technique involves using the hands to practically milk the male organ as a way to help blood flow. Due to the nature of this method some people call it “The Milking Method”.

The Penis Sleeve
Anthropologist reported that men in Polynesia used sleeves made from plant fibers. The method is to insert the penis into the sleeve at one end and a heavy object like a rock hung on the other side.

This sleeve method is also similar to weight hanging practiced even today among certain African cultures.

Penis Pumps
The exact time when this method emerged is not know. While some people claim it is in the early 20th century other claim that it may have emerged much more earlier.

As you may have guessed this is a method where the penis is subjected to the force of vacuum. The penis is inserted into the pump and vacuum is gently applied. The vacuum causes the corpora cavernosa to be filled with blood and as such the penis becomes bigger. This method is also used in erectile dysfunction therapy.

Due to space and not to bore you down with history I will stop here to continue with the topic of this article since probably history is not the reason why you are reading this article but to find information about how to successfully increase the size of your penis.

If you noticed a common factor about the mentioned techniques. They all involve stretching the penis in one form or the other. This in scientific circles is called “Traction Method”.

The traction method of penis enlargement was in recent years implemented by a number of surgeon some of which even earned themselves nicknames such as “Penis Doctor”.

Traction is a natural force where a controlled tension is applied to certain parts of the body to modify it, in this case the male member. By gently squeezing and stretching the penis, the cells break down and begin to multiply. In so doing the penis starts to grow in length and girth. Simple as that.

This described traction force is what modern-day manufacturers employed into the developments of what we now know as traction penis enlargement devices.

Traction devices or cyberskin hollow strap on extenders for the penis were first confirmed to work by Italian surgeons who carried out clinical tests on their patients who were not satisfied with their sizes. The results were quite impressive.