Keeping Safe Accepting PayPal Payments

Even though PayPal does offer several preventative actions to help protect you from fraudulent transactions, the potential risks of using PayPal as your product owner are still apparent. PayPal is currently agreed to 190 Countries and 18 currencies. Due to the fact that the only Countries currently eligible for a confirmed (seller/buyer safeguarded by the PayPal policy) PayPal shipping address are Canada, USA and the UK, this in itself leaves opportunities wide open to scam artists.

There are ways for International sellers to “verify” their account, meaning they are yet to verified their shipping address and perhaps some other details making the deal a little more safe on your end, yet without a confirmed PayPal shipping deal with, you as a seller are not protected under the current seller protection plan in the event of an upset. If you’re an eBay seller and use PayPal as your method of accepting payment, eBay offers stated that they will offer seller security when shipping to International tackles, even if they’re “Unconfirmed”, or Global. The goal here is to increase seller confidence, sales and offer more buying power for eBayers abroad.

Through my years of experience using PayPal as my primary merchant accounts on both my eBay PowerSeller account and my e-commerce websites, listed here are some preventive measures to help you stay proactive when using PayPal.

1). Be sure to state your terms of sale in most of your listings/websites. If you buyer sends a payment from an unconfirmed PayPal account and they are located within the eligible zones (Canada, USA, UK) generously request that they have the account Confirmed with PayPal, or you will not be able to ship the item. This will usually get their attention. Confirming a PayPal address within the eligible zones is very easy and only takes around a quarter-hour, although you do need a credit card, or the process is longer. If the customer has a high feedback score, or even PayPal score you may be OK, it all depends on the value of the product rendered.

2). If the payment was completed simply by an International buyer take the extra stage to be proactive to protect your self from a fraudulent transaction. View where the transaction was sent from. There are certain places to be extra cautious when getting payments (Nigeria to my experience especially). Don’t take anything for given when shipping Internationally. Send the buyer a message stating that you require additional information from, as they did not meet your minimal tenure for the transaction. Request which they confirm with you the address that the item should be shipped to (should coincide with PayPal/eBay address, if it doesn’t match cancel the transaction), home telephone number (if unavailable cellular), whether the shipping address is business or residential and references to the other transactions the buyer may have lately completed using PayPal. You can then contact PayPal and confirm these details. An excellent sign of a fraudulent buyer is usually when they do not respond to your information to acquire additional information, or if they utilize a threatening tactic to get you to ship the item. If either of these take place refund the payment immediately. I typically give 72 hours for your buyer to respond to the message. If the buyer responds in a threatening matter, report the message to eBay/PayPal and they should be able to take the appropriate procedures to further investigate the individual. If they make you negative feedback on eBay due to the issue, report it to eBay as well. They’re typically very good and can have the feedback removed.

3). NEVER SHIP TO AN ALTERNATIVE ADDRESS BESIDES ON THE PAYPAL PAYMENT. This is very important. A lot of scam artists will request that you simply ship the item to another address and they’ll pay you extra to use an express service, such as DHL, or even FedEx to another Country, or another city along with a little bit more for the “inconvenience”. This is the #1 PayPal scam that will enable you to get every time. Once you send the item to the alternative address and they receive this they will initiate a PayPal dispute stating that they never received the product. At that point you will have no proof that you shipped the item to the address stated on their PayPal account and the money will be returned to the buyer.

4). Another major indication of a rip-off is the buyer will change their shipping information within PayPal/eBay shortly after the transaction, or after the tracking information has been received. I personally require a several business day order processing time frame to be safe, as most PayPal notifications concerning possible unauthorized transaction will be sent in this time frame and will protect you prior to shipping the item. If you’ve already shipped the item PayPal will require more information on the shipment to help resolve the situation, but the time frame for a resolution is pretty tedious.

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If the buyer tries to rush the item being shipped it might also be suspicious as well. Although there are a variety legitimate reasons as to why a customer would like to have the item shipped the same day, it’s truly in your best interest to abide by your policy on International shipments and unconfirmed shipping addresses, as this will save you a lot of time and money. Some buyers will use this tactic to expedite their rip-off process. Once the item is shipped you will find a nice little surprise, they’ve transformed all of their information within their eBay/PayPal account and claim that you shipped the item to the wrong address. Although both eBay and PayPal have quite robust systems to detect suspicious activity such as this, the turn around for a resolution can be a long process so you could be out funds until these people resolve the situation.