Polo Shirt Knits

Marketing polo shirts are made from different knits, which each provide unique pros and cons to best meet the needs of various consumers. The most common knits include pick up, jersey and rib knits.

Probably the most common polo shirt knit is usually pique. Pronounced pee-kay, this knit makes a medium to heavy pounds fabric. Pique is a small and tight weave that has several typical patterns. These patterns include birdseye, waffle, honeycomb and wales. Birdseye patterns are a small diamond formed pattern. Waffle patterns are little square shapes. Honeycomb patterns have a hexagon shaped pattern. Wales, which called cord weave, has either a horizontal cord or lined pattern or a vertical lined pattern. Pick up polo shirts are durable, plus wash well. They don’t show perspiration stains readily, so pique polos tend to be preferred by athletes. Unfortunately, they tend to show wrinkles more than various other knits, unless they have been specially handled to make them wrinkle-resistant.

Jersey will be the next most common promotional polo t shirt knit. Also called the stockinet stitch, plain stitch or felt stitch, the jersey knit was named after the island named Jersey, off the English coast where it was initial used. Jersey knit polos possess a different texture between the inside plus outside of the shirt. The outside has an easy texture, while the inside has an even more uneven yet uniform texture. Hat knit shirts are more elastic than pique, which provides a shirt that is more flexible. It is a durable knit that also washes well and is naturally wrinkle-resistant. This makes it a great choice for corporate polos.

Rib knit is less well known, but is also used for promotional polo shirts. Rib knit material is a double-knit material that has vertical ribs that alternate between the inside and outside of the shirt. This keeps the same look and texture for both the inside and outside of the t shirt. Rib knit polos are more flexible than pique, especially in the direction contrary of the ribs. They also have a kind of “memory” that allows them to hold their form better. Although rib knit material can be used to make the body of a polo, it is more commonly used for other areas of a shirt such as sleeve bands, neck bands and collars. Rib knit polos are more durable and tend to fit the body better than other knits
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