An Automatic Dog Waterer is Essential to Your Dog’s Life

An automatic dog waterer may sound like a frivolous item but in reality it is a necessity if you are not constantly around in order to refill and clean your dogs’ water bowl.

Clean fresh water is important to your dogs’ health. Your buddy can go longer without food compared to it can without water. They can lose all of their fat and most of their protein and still survive, but if your dog loses only 10% of body drinking water it will cause a serious illness. Whilst other animals are able to hibernate plus go without water for months, dogs can dehydrate in hours.

There are many different things to consider when deciding how much drinking water your pet may need. The best thing to do is to let him have constant access to clean fresh water. This can be provided by an automatic doggie waterer. Leaving out a large doggy bowl full of water is not a good idea. If not cleaned the bowl can harbor bacteria and your dog will get sick.
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Factors to consider when buying an automatic pet waterer:

1 . How much workout will your dog be getting during the day
2 . How hot is it where your pet is staying
3. The size of your pet
4. How clean is your water
5. What size bowl does the automatic dog waterer possess

These are important when considering Which automatic dog waterer to get.

1 . Your dog will need more water if they is going to be getting a lot of exercise.
2 . Your puppy will need more water if it is popular.
3. All dogs need 1 cup of water per 15 pounds of weight.
4. If your plain tap water is not good enough for you don’t make it for your dog.
5. Automatic dog waterer can in different sizes for little or large pets.

Parasites are among the more common things your dog can get through untreated dirty water. A good guideline is that if you will not drink the water yourself do not give it to your dog.

Automatic dog waterers do come with a lot filters if you are worried about the quality of your water. The water will be recycled through the filter constantly, giving your friendclean fresh water all day.

I use an automatic pet waterer for my dog since there are times when I am away from home, and I understand my dog splashes his drinking water out of his bowl. With the automated dog waterer I don’t have to worry if he splashed it all out because it will refill itself.